Reduce Utility Costs With New Ductwork

See how a commercial DuctSox system can improve your business in Sarasota, FL

The majority of commercial buildings in Sarasota, FL use metal ductwork to move air from HVAC units to each room. However, a new product is replacing a significant number of those shiny, metal ducts.

It's called DuctSox. It's a fabric alternative to traditional metal ductwork that provides precise and efficient heating, cooling and ventilation. The crew at Totally Cool, LLC is fully trained to install commercial DuctSox systems in buildings of all sizes.

Consider switching to one of our Commercial DuctSox systems soon. Talk to your HVAC contractor to find out how it can improve your business in Sarasota, FL.

DuctSox is a great way to save money

Commercial DuctSox systems are incredibly versatile. They works in a range of environments, including gymnasiums, pools, food processing plants, fitness centers, convention centers, schools and warehouses. The advantages of commercial DuctSox systems include:

  • Precise and efficient heating, cooling or ventilation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No risk of condensation
  • Lower material costs
  • A faster installation process
  • Less noise
  • An aesthetically pleasing design

There are so many reasons why commercial DuctSox systems may be right for you. Make an appointment with your HVAC contractor in Sarasota, FL today to find out more about our HVAC services, including DuctSox installation.